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Bloody History

In a free world as vast as possible, everyone is also free to do anything, including attacking and hurting others. Instead of a heavenly life, there will be a life full of cruelty, enmity and fear.

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Children in Tais, Papua New Guinea play with their arrows.

The Tais people originally lived on the southern coast of Strachan Island, about 60 kilometers east of the Indonesian border near Merauke, Papua. At one time, their tribe was nearly wiped out by tribal wars and massacres.

Sitting by the fire, my Tais friend Sisi Wainetti recounted the horrific events he had heard from village elders. At that time, from the west, from the Merauke area, head hunters came to slaughter the people on the coast of the Arafura Sea.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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