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Australia in Sight

An Indonesian in PNG wants to buy Indonesian products, instant noodles in Australia, which are sold by East Timorese. That is one of the realities of Agustinus Wibowo's journey in ”Indonesia from Across Borders”.

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A house in Ber, Papua New Guinea

Destiny could be only 8 kilometers away. That is the distance that separates Ber from Boigu, the distance between Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia. It separates one of the poorest countries in the world from one of the richest.

Ber, PNG, is a small village of about 200 residents, consisting of 24 houses, all of which are sparsely spread out stilt huts. One house is inhabited by 10, 12, or even 30 people. Nobody has shoes. Their clothes were very tattered and dirty because there have no changes of clothes. All around me, there were skinny, pot-bellied kids, O-legged kids, kids with arched backs like question marks.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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