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The Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (99)

Prabu Arjunasasrabahu could easily swing his sword and kill Sumantri. But with a friendly smile, he says, "Sumantri, don't break your heart like your sword. Use your spear."

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Gandapurnama field immediately became an arena. The soldiers formed a ring as a kind of barrier. Under the fresh green trees, Dewi Citrawati stood with 800 domas girls. The presence of the beautiful girls is like the tendrils of the jangga spreading tenderness amidst the violence of the coming fight. They wait, their hearts beating, their red lips quivering like katirah flowers afraid of falling in a violent wind. These beautiful girls spread a fragrant odor, the same aroma as sandalwood and pandan. Birds fly, circling restlessly as if to ask questions they don't understand: Will there really be a fight when Gandapurnama field is in such beautiful bloom? Only the asana flowers can answer this, falling between the breast of the beautiful women as if to say: This fight is beautiful because it is a contest for love.

Prabu Arjunasasrabahu finally comes face-to-face with Sumantri. They are like twin knights. How handsome they are! And who is the more handsome, no one can tell. The soldiers that ring the arena as a barrier can only be amazed. The beautiful girls secretly swallow their desire until there is commotion in their hearts: How happy they would be if one of the handsome knights would embrace them! They are no longer spectators watching a fight, but women who can no longer suppress the passion that has suddenly erupted. It is impossible for their passion to be extinguished as long as the two knights remain before them. They do not think at all of the flashing swords, and are even fighting amongst themselves to show off their beauty. Who knows that one of the handsome knights could turn around and admire their beauty? The women surround the field with their beauty. They are a fence of flowers in bloom, tensely waiting for the fight to come.

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