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The Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (92)

Dewi Citrawati has to participate in the joy and cheerfulness, even though she feels that her heart is very sad before leaves for Maespati. The restlessness of her heart is invisible, because of the beauty that hides it

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Dewi Citrawati's departure for Maespati finally arrives. Therefore, the most beautiful day is chosen, when nature is at the labuh season. This is the moment when nature gives a noble sense of holiness. Nature is fresh, because the raindrops are coming for the first time. After a long drought, now the sky is like an upturned sea. The clouds move, like the waves of the ocean, running for the rain. The soil that has dried up for a long time is now wet and exuding an air of freshness due to the greeting of the rain. Green is everywhere, giving a sense of peacefulness to the farmers who are waiting to immediately plow their rice fields. Flowers open their petals, welcoming the joy that has been granted by the universe. The bees race to kiss them, fearing about running out of pistils. Nature no longer holds back what is left of the love it is about to give.

This beautiful day invites the people of Magada to flock to the square. Magada Square looks lively. Banners of yellow young coconut leaves wave at the four gates. On the edges, bamboo poles decorated with the yellow young coconut leaves tower high. On a stage decorated with flowers of fragrant vines, yellow young leaves are shaped into the forms of fans, flowers and fruits, and placed like a pair of mayangsari ornaments. Dewi Citrawati's wedding party will still take place later in Maespati. However, the decorations are deliberately made, so that the people of Magada can feel the majesty of the wedding party of their idol later. The smell of incense and frankincense spreads throughout the square.

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