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The Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (98)

Sumantri wants to regret all this. But before he can express his regret, he hears Prabu Arjunasasrabahu invite him to a context, which makes it impossible for him to take back his decision.

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While the King of Maespati is on his way, Sumantri waits with an uncertain heart in Gandapurnama field. He has not succeeded in dispelling his thoughts that he is, in fact, guilty of wanting to challenge the king whom he had originally intended to serve. Moreover, he realizes that he does not actually want to test Prabu Arjunasasrabahu's supernatural powers.

Around him, the kemuning (orange jasmine) are in bloom. He looks at the beautiful flowers and his heart becomes restless. Absorbed in his anxiety, he suddenly sees that Patih Suroto is standing before him. "Raden, Prabu Arjunasasrabahu, whom you have been waiting for, has come and awaits you. Prepare to face your fate.” Patih Suroto says, in a cold and disapproving tone. Without waiting for Sumantri's reply, he leaves. It is clear that he still harbors annoyance in his heart.

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