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EnglishThe Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (59)

The Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (59)

Suddenly, as the word tiger comes out of Begawan Swandagni\'s mouth, the sound of the thunder is heard in the sky. The sky\'s balcony opens. And the lightning is dashing around, entering the Jatisrana hermitage.

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Begawan Swandagni feels unable to bear to tell the truth anymore. But he remembers Sumantri's message: not to tell the truth before he is accepted to serve in Maespati. He feels sorry for Sumantri; it seems his dreams are hindered because of what the reality is. Meanwhile, he also feels sorry for Sukrosono if he does not tell the truth. Both are correct. However both of them confuse him. True, he loves his two children. But his love goes wrong when the truth forces him to choose one of them.

Outside the sky is getting dark. Dark clouds and lightning chase one another. Birds fly, looking for shelter. Begawan Swandagni looks at the sky as if holding back his tears. Soon the tears will certainly pour out into heavy rain, which increasingly makes his heart even more restless. He looks at Sukrosono deeply. From his ugly son, honesty radiates like a soft and weak thread of cotton. It is impossible for people to have the heart to lie to such honesty. In a time of lies, honesty hurts, and the wound can make anyone fall. But strangely, honesty seems to keep pushing, so that people want to be honest and right with their lies, even though this will hurt them even more. Begawan Swandagni is pressed by the honesty until it is exposed that he is right with his lie.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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