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Arab Identity

Arab identity, therefore, can be capitalized or commodified for various interests, including strengthening a person's social and political position and obtaining certain economic benefits.

Ahmad Najib Burhani
· 6 menit baca

For some Indonesian Muslims, Arab is identical with Islam. Perceiving oneself as an Arab or having Arabian physical attributes is not just a cultural issue, but rather a symbol of Islam and piety. The Arab identity is even seen as a symbol of closeness with God, because there is a relationship with the Holy Land of Mecca and Madinah, the city that is the origin of Islam and the place of the Kaaba, the center of all Muslims.

Some members of our society also mistakenly consider all Arabs to be descended from the Prophet Muhammad, who must be glorified and obeyed. With the development of such views, those who are from Arab countries or have Arabian physical attributes are then easily accepted and receive a place of honor in society. Not infrequently, they are immediately seen as having religious and intellectual authority, even though they have never taken religious education or their lives have never been close to piety.

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