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Life Goes on at Displaced Persons Camp

However, coordination is not running optimally. This area is also separated from the Lumajang administration center because the Gladak Perak Bridge was cut off.

Dahlia Irawati/Ambrosius Harto
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Kompas/Bahana Patria Gupta

Volunteers from the Humanitarian Solidarity Network perform trauma healing at the Semeru Eruption Refugee Command Post at Supiturang 4 Public Elementary School, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, East Java, Tuesday (7/12/2021).

A woman put eucalyptus oil on her stomach. She was a little nervous, waiting for her husband, Jumadi, to return from checking the condition of their house.

"I'm waiting for my husband. He hasn't returned. I want him to buy me food to eat. I haven't eaten since this morning. My stomach is starting to feel bad," said Suprihmiati (50), on Tuesday (7/12/2021).