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EnglishThousands of Houses in Danger Zones Will Be Relocated

Thousands of Houses in Danger Zones Will Be Relocated

As many as 34 people are reported to have died, 22 people missing and 22 others seriously injured. As many as 5,025 houses and buildings have also been damaged in the eruption.

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Material from the eruption of Mount Semeru piled up residential residents in Kampung Renteng Hamlet, Sumberwuluh Village, Lumajang Regency, East Java, Tuesday (7/12/2021).

About 4,250 people affected by the Mount Semeru eruption have taken refuge in 19 evacuation sites. The handling of the evacuation works should be immediately improved so that aid can be distributed optimally.

LUMAJANG, KOMPAS — At least 2,000 houses located in the danger zones on the slopes of Mount Semeru will be relocated. Currently, the search, rescue and evacuation of residents from the eruption area remain the top priority.