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EnglishVaccine and Vaccination against Covid-19

Vaccine and Vaccination against Covid-19

At the end of 2020, the world was relieved to hear the news about the production of a Covid-19 vaccine with an efficacy rate of above 90 percent.

Oleh Richard Mengko
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There was a huge relief as the vaccine was among several vaccines with efficacy rates of above 60 percent that would be available shortly. With the supply of various vaccines, countries will have a lot more options to choose the most appropriate ones and at the same time to avoid dependence on only a single source. The good news certainly offers hope that the pandemic will soon be over.

Nevertheless, it should be realized that the presence of vaccines alone will not automatically end the pandemic. Treating somebody with a vaccine or vaccination will obviously increase the immunity of the person concerned. But it cannot end the pandemic if only given to a small number of people or groups. Ending the pandemic means that the extent of Covid-19 has to be drastically reduced. So, it isn’t just increasing somebody’s immunity to the

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