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Global Warming Approaches Critical Point

he Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) introduced the concept of “tipping points” two decades ago.

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Children hold a theatrical show in which they raise the issue of climate change in front of the Semarang Mayor\'s office, Semarang city, Central Java, Friday (29/11/2019). The show focused on deforestation that continues in IndonesiaJAKARTA, KOMPAS — Five million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere every hour, pushing the Earth closer to a critical climate point, which will lead to irreversible global warming and a real threat to human civilization.

Global Systems Institute director Timothy M. Lenton of the UK’s University of Exeter and his team offers evidence of the likelihood of exceeding these tipping points of global warming in the 27 November 2019 edition of the Nature journal. Of the 15 important points in the planet\'s climate system, nine are in critical condition, including the permafrost, the Amazon rainforest, the Greenland ice sheet, Arctic sea ice and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC).

"The stability and resilience of our planet are in danger. We must adapt to some changes that cannot be avoided anymore," Lenton said Friday (29/11/2019).

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