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Utamaβ€ΊWinning Hopes of Nation

Winning Hopes of Nation

Ahmad Erani Yustika
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Ahmad Erani Yustika

The global and national economic landscapes have undergone rapid changes over the last two decades.

On the one hand, changes in technology and information make the economy increasingly spread out and connected. Production, distribution, consumption and investment move in new ways. The economy balloons increasingly easily. On the other hand, a variety of inappropriate economic ways of governance in the past has blocked economic expansion. Therefore, practically within the past decade the world economy has only been busy doing mitigation to get out of the trap of an economic slowdown, including Indonesia. Global and national economic growth is heading for a downward slope, which for many countries is very difficult to avoid. China is an economic giant that has suffered the most in terms of the reduction in growth. The good news is that since 2016 we have managed to break the curse of the decline in growth.