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Rizka Raisa Fatimah Ramli, “Cipta” Fighting Against Violence

Reny Sri Ayu
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Rizka Raisa Fatimah Ramli

Rizka Raisa Fatimah Ramli is still a teenager, but she is actively campaigning against violence and abuse, together with her schoolmates. She is the creative mind behind a comic character called Cipta, which won her an international comic competition organized by the United Nations Children\'s Fund (UNICEF). She came out on top of about 3,600 comic strips submitted from 130 countries.

The selection process to decide on the winner was very strict. Of the 3,600 comic submissions, a jury chose the best 10, which were then put to a vote online to determine a winner. The “Cipta” character created by Raisa received the strongest support from around 23,000 votes.