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Lengger Banyumas After Mbok Dariah

Megandika Wicaksono
· 1 menit baca

Japanese dancers from the Sanggar Dewandaru Dance House perform the Banyumasan lengger dance at the Kendalisada Art Festival in Kaliori Village, Banyumas, Central Java, on Friday (14/09/2018) evening.

The successors try to survive without the legendary traditional art maestro.

The tune from a calung (bamboo xylophone) was tense. The lights are directed to the clouds, in contrast to the dark night above Kaliori village, Kalibagor subdistrict, Banyumas, Central Java, in the weekend of mid-September. Dozens of dancers and artists from inside and outside the country were full of energy. The spirit of Mbok Dariah, the maestro of lengger lanang, seemed to inspire every movement and act in the 2018 Kendalisada Art Festival.