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From Party Politics to Issue Politics

Politics is no longer solely based on party affiliation. In the eyes of new generation, political parties tend to be seen in a skeptical and cynical way. New generation is more concerned about issues that hurt justice.

· 4 minutes read
Ulil Abshar Abdalla

Ulil Abshar Abdalla

Several times I have been involved in a conversation about the direction of Indonesian politics going forward. A number of friends, generally from the baby boomer or generation X generations, are anxious. My friends ask, do the millennial generation and later still care about politics? Or are they busier with their own me-issues? What is the meaning of political parties for this digital generation?

These questions, if explored further, suggest the skepticism of the "old fashioned" generation toward the political commitment of the new generation. They, this old generation, feel that there is a decline in political commitment and concern for the direction of this country. They are worried that if nothing is done, the situation will get worse. Politics will be a solitary busyness among the circle of a few elites who enjoy power. They, this old generation, seem to be anxious: if the new generation is ignorant, is this not opening the door for new authoritarianism.

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