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EnglishUndermining Democracy

Undermining Democracy

As a political system, democracy is not something that is eternal or permanent. Democracy can die, and its death is generally caused by either its own people, or by outsiders.

Rizal Sukma
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Rizal Sukma

Rizal Sukma

The former can be exemplified by the death of Myanmar’s democracy after the military coup in February 2021. Meanwhile, the latter occurred in Chile in September 1973, when General Agusto Pinochet overthrew the government of Salvador Allende, who was democratically elected.

These two causes of the death of democracy, both from within and from outside, can interact with and influence each other. However, a number of internal factors in a country play an important role in determining the resilience of its democracy. And one of the biggest threats to the resilience of democracy is growing public doubts over the system. This is partly due to the presence of four narratives which, if continuously voiced, can reduce and undermine public trust in the merits of democracy.

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