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Power Intoxication Damages Judicial Independence

It is difficult to imagine what we can get from the Constitutional Court if this control function is to be weakened by threatening justices who are considered to have disobeyed the DPR.

Bivitri Susanti
· 5 minutes read
Bivitri Susanti

Bivitri Susanti

It is true what the wise say: power can be very intoxicating, not only in the sense of being addictive, but also by enabling the holder of power to act outside of common sense, violating all norms, rules and propriety. That is what we are currently seeing in the House of Representatives (DPR) which is crashing its own rules of the game, even the constitution and ethics, when suddenly replacing constitutional justice Aswanto with a candidate who was prepared secretly and improperly.

The drunken state this time was caused by great power, which for these four years has almost been out-of-control. So many laws were produced by the DPR and the government, which passed almost without any significant criticism. Call it, for example, the revision of the Law on the Corruption Eradication Commission, the revision of the Mineral and Coal Law, the Job Creation Law, the State Capital Law and the Law on the Establishment of Legislation. Even if there is meaningful criticism from outside, the critics will be hit hard, as happened with the #reformasidikorupsi movement, which even led to the death of five students and pupils and violence against hundreds of demonstrators.

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