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The Failure of Political Parties to Build Democracy

It is time for us to forcefully demand that political parties, old or new, change the rules of the game.

Bivitri Susanti
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Bivitri Susanti

Bivitri Susanti

It is as if a bridge has been broken between us -- between citizens and their representatives in the legislature or executive. We come and vote every five years, but in the period between one election and another, there seems to be a gap between the citizens and their representatives. There have been so many criticisms about many laws, for example, which were actually rejected to an extraordinary degree, but were nevertheless passed, such as the revision of the Corruption Eradication Commission Law and the Job Creation Law. Similarly, a number of laws were produced in a very short time and without any participation, as if there is an assumption that the vote gives absolute power without the need to consult again with the people who are being represented.

Of course there are generalizations here. Not all representatives of the people are negligent with their obligations. Likewise, not all citizens vote in elections. However, this phenomenon must be examined more closely because the list of complaints about (un)policy and law has increased recently, for example with the increasingly stifling prices of goods and rampant corruption practices. However, on the other hand, the political elite cares only about electability issues, especially since the 2024 General Election is getting closer.