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EnglishPolicy without Virtue

Policy without Virtue

We must at least use and spread the idea of creating and implementing policies that always possess virtue, and of a government that is willing to be governed by or to listen to its citizens.

Bivitri Susanti
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Bivitri Susanti

Bivitri Susanti

Why are the decisions made by rulers for the benefit of the wider public called “kebijakan” (policy)? In fact, there are also policies that are not wise and have no virtue. We call these “ke(tidak)bijakan”, or unwise policy.

In English, kebijakan means policy, while in Dutch it is called politiek, in French politique, and in Arabic siyasah. From looking at the word kebijakan, it is evident that the political dimension is concealed from users of the Indonesian language (Zulfa Sakhiyya, 2021). The word obscures the fact that policies are born of a political process that is not always wise and can produce things that may not be wise.