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Noise Normalization

Some time ago, Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas issued Circular Letter No. 5/2022 on guidelines for using loudspeakers in Mosques and mushola (prayer room).

Ahmad Najib Burhani
· 5 minutes read

Landscape and landmarks have become something common, even normative in talking about the arrangement of cities and the environment. However, talks about soundscapes or sonic environments, soundmarks and smellscapes have not become commonplace, including in discussions in academic circles.

What is categorized as a source of nuisance can vary. The sound of motorbikes with exhausts without silencers, the construction of houses and buildings, the horns of patwal (patrol guards) or voorijder (police opening the road), moge (convoy of big motorbikes) on weekends, the call to prayer and chanting in houses of worship with excessive use of loudspeakers, as well as music at high volume are some examples. Some people are even disturbed by the sound of tofu traders selling their goods with loudspeakers from one housing estate to another. If there is no comprehensive regulation, this will often lead to conflicts or problems.

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