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EnglishAvoiding New Burden of History

Avoiding New Burden of History

This is the time for the political elite to reflect and try to prevent an increasing burden of history for the nation-state and future generations.

Azyumardi Azra
· 5 minutes read
Azyumardi Azra

Azyumardi Azra

The history of man, nations and countries is often accompanied by unpleasant, bitter and dark historical events. This bitter journey can be a "burden of history". It may be the events in the past or at the present time -- that will eventually become history -- are beyond human control or authority, such as natural disasters. However, it could also be due to human policies or steps taken without careful consideration; becoming “wrong ways” that cannot be or are too expensive and bitter to correct. “Nasi sudah menjadi bubur.” It’s something irreparable.

History affects the future. History is not just history or shared memories of past events. In the perspective of history of the future -- now becoming “conventional history” -- the time that passes along with actual events of today will undoubtedly leave traces and shadows in the future (ghosts of the past). A clear positive step for today's progress can bring life and civilization in a better direction. On the other hand, there are steps that could lead to catastrophes in the near and distant future.

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