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Tips to Reduce Risk in Crypto Investment

Everyone has the right to market crypto assets to many people, but everyone also has the right to decide for himself which crypto asset he chooses. The level of risk will depend on everyone's financial ability.

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Victims of the Edccash fraud case show the display of the blocked Edccash application, Wednesday (11/17/2021), on the sidelines of a trial at the Special Class 1A Bekasi District Court, Bekasi City.

It would certainly be inappropriate for someone who has just learned to drive to use a racing car as their vehicle. For them, a city or SUV car would be better because it is easier to control. In the investment world, crypto assets are similar to racing cars. Meanwhile, savings, deposits or stocks are like city or SUV cars.

That is the analogy of investment instruments described by investor and investment expert, Ryan Filbert. According to him, many people always think of finding a fast way to achieve success without understanding that the speed also brings a number of consequences.

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