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The  Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (100)

Sumantri is almost at his wits’ ends. He releases his Bramastra heirloom again. In the sky the heirloom becomes a torrent of blazing fire, burning down the winged dragon that reigns in the sky.

· 6 minutes read

Love-hungry eyes are blinded by the hope of romance, they are deceived, the fight is no longer seen as violence, but as the bloom of beauty. The terrible gallop of the chariots is like thunder in the rainy season, making them imagine that they can slip under a warm blanket, completely naked. Into the sky they see, and their eyes widen, the arrows released by Prabu Arjunasasrabahu and Sumantri change into beautiful grasshopper legs extending across the clouds. Prabu Arjunasasrabahu then releases the Nagaraja arrow, and Sumantri follows him with the Nagakusuma arrow. The two arrows fly in the sky, crawling into a pair of dragons, male and female, which then meet and make out behind the clouds. Like a pair of lovers at the peak of their romance, both of them soar into the sky, accompanied by the sound of women who are screaming upon seeing a pair of arrows open the sky's door, until the rain of angga flowers falls by changing colors with campaka flowers.

The angels in the sky can't help but want to know, who the hell have released the arrows that can force the sky to enable flower rain to fall? From the cracks of the clouds, the angels peek, and their feet are seen, bare on the kajar-kajar grass, glittering like pandan trunks. A rainbow of clouds encircles their waists, like gadung tendrils creeping for support.

Syahnan Rangkuti
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