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Tracing the Footsteps of Fraudsters

In 2019, a number of people who claimed they had been cheated by Anwar frequently visited the house. They confiscated Anwar's car. Shortly after the incident, Anwar and his family were never seen again.

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A screenshot of the figure of Anwar Mochamad Hasan, the founder of PT Dunia Coin Digital or WX-Coin appears in a video on the Youtube channel. Anwar's whereabouts have not been known since 2019. Photo was taken on Tuesday (16/11/2021).

During a visit to at his house in Pamulang, South Jakarta in mid-November of last year, Y warmly welcomed us. We sat comfortably on the terrace of the two-story house. Y wore a blue shirt and a sarong. The relaxed atmosphere could not reduce the tension caused by the question about Anwar Moch Hasan, the chief executive officer (CEO) of World X-Coin, Y's nephew.

Previously, Anwar, through an internet application, offered investment packages with lucrative returns of between 20.68 percent and 106.89 percent. The gains were disbursed in 35 installments, each paid in 10 days, the profits gained from investing in crypto assets offered by the company's team. In 2019, not only the profits but the money of the investors could be withdrawn. After that, the investment application could no longer be accessed.

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