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English‘Garuda’ Team Prepares for...

‘Garuda’ Team Prepares for Final Match

Shin asked his players not to think too much about the score in the first match. Later in the second match, he will encourage the players to show their best performance like in the group stage.

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Asnawi Mangkualam of Indonesia, right, controls the ball as Bordin Phala of Thailand looks on during the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 final first leg soccer match between Indonesia and Thailand in Singapore, Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2021.

Despite losing 4-0 to Thailand in the first leg, the Indonesian football team still has a chance for revenge in the second match of the AFF Cup final. Miracles can come from strong belief.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — The struggle of the Indonesian national football team in the final of the 2020 AFF Cup has not ended, despite the 4-0 defeat to Thailand in the first leg at the Singapore National Stadium, Wednesday (29/12/2021). The “Garuda” team can still fight and hope for a miracle in the second match.

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