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EnglishThe Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (72)

The Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (72)

The moon shines brighter, playing splashes of river water under the valley into the jumping pearls. And it also brings Sumantri to the memory he wants to forget the most.

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When he is amazed to see Sukrosono's face, his younger brother's words are reverberating in his ear again, “My older brother, if you are ashamed of me, let me hide in the bushes, so that no one will know who I am. It's no problem for me to do that, as long as I can always be close to you. I will be happy, if at any time I can meet you, whenever you want, my older brother." Remembering those words, Sumantri thinks, what is wrong if he allows his younger brother to always be close to him. Until now no one knows, he has a demon-faced younger brother. Sukrosono knows how he has to hide himself, so that he will not embarrass his older brother. If so, why doesn’t he allow his younger brother to be close to him? Is it his chivalry that makes him think Sukrosono should be away from him? If that is true, now he has even become a grand warlord, and it turns out that Sukrosono can be close to him, even sleeping on his lap. Then why should he refuse? Sumantri in fact already knows the answer, but he does not want to question it any further.

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