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Lessons from Formal Defect of Job Creation Law

The Constitutional Court then ordered the government and the House to improve the procedures for the formation of the Job Creation Law within a maximum of two years.

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Workers from various elements held a demonstration while waiting for the verdict of the Constitutional Court's trial regarding the Job Creation Law in Jakarta, Thursday (11/25/2021).

The Constitutional Court (MK) ruled that the Job Creation Law was formally flawed and conditionally unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court ordered the procedure for the deliberation of the law to be corrected within a maximum of two years. This ruling was welcomed positively and at the same time drew criticism.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — The ruling of the Constitutional Court, on Thursday (25/11/2021), which stated that the formation of Law No. 11/2020 concerning Job Creation was flawed formally, serves as a lesson for the government and the House of Representatives (DPR) not to ignore the stages and procedures in law deliberation. At the same time, it is necessary to immediately revise the Job Creation Law.