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EnglishGiving Third Vaccine Dose as ‘Complement’

Giving Third Vaccine Dose as ‘Complement’

The set of recommendations published by SAGE advises offering an extra dose of WHO-approved vaccines to people with moderate and severe immune disorders as an “extended primary series”.

Oleh Ahmad Arif
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President Joko Widodo observes the implementation of mass vaccination at the 762/Vira Yudha Sakti Infantry Battalion Headquarters, Sorong City, West Papua, Monday (4/10/2021).

Equitable distribution of the first and second doses should be prioritized in the country’s Covid-19 vaccination drive. Later, a third dose can be given to vulnerable groups.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Experts have recommended giving a third vaccine dose for those with immune disorders to protect them against Covid-19. In addition, elderly people who have received the Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccines are advised to get another dose as a booster. But it is recommended that Indonesia prioritize the equitable administration of the first and second vaccine doses.

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