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EnglishThe Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (17)

The Bajang Child Swinging the Moon (17)

When the coconuts fall, Dewi Sokawati is surprised. She feels as if she sees a beautiful rainbow behind the sentong (room) window of the Jatisrana hermitage. The rainbow descends closer, like a giant shawl.

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Afterwards Begawan Swandagni takes a piece of young coconut leaf. He ties the leaf to his wife\'s stomach. "Get rid of all the ties that bind you, Sokawati, so that later you will give birth without the shackles of desire that will be disadvantageous to your child. Hopefully the gods help you break those shackles," said Begawan Swandagni. Then he releases the tie of the coconut leaf from his wife\'s stomach by cutting it.

"Sokawati, we don\'t know whether our child will be a girl or a boy. As creatures, we can only guess. Which one do you want, Sokawati?” asks Begawan Swandagni.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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