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EnglishSpeed Up Vaccine Coverage

Speed Up Vaccine Coverage

The government has been asked to accelerate its efforts to expand coverage of the Covid-19 vaccination program with an aim to prevent a spike in Covid-19 cases.

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A woman received the Covid-19 vaccine in Jayapura City on Tuesday (21/9/2021). Jayapura City is one of the four clusters of the XX National Sports Week in Papua.

After the Delta variant that triggered a second wave of Covid-19 transmission in the June-August period, it is feared that another viral mutation could trigger an explosion of cases in Indonesia. Moreover, next month will see the XX Papua National Games (PON) XX Papua held from 2 Oct. to 15 Oct., which will draw a gathering of many people. In addition, the next three months will see mass community mobility during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

With regard to the limited vaccine supply, Indonesia is advised to prioritize distribution of the first and second vaccine doses, particularly for inoculating the elderly, rather than for administering boosters. Even though vaccination does not guarantee that people will not contract SARS-CoV-2, the evidence shows that the vaccines provide protection and prevent developing severe symptoms and dying from Covid-19.

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