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EnglishGuaranteeing the Future of Behind-the-Scenes Figures

Guaranteeing the Future of Behind-the-Scenes Figures

They cannot always rely on bonuses from the government and the private sector when their athletes make good achievements.

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KOMPAS/Adrian Fajriansyah

Indonesia\'s mainstay female hurdler Emilia Nova is practicing weights under the supervision of her coach, Fitri "Ongky" Haryadi at the Madya Senayan Stadium, Jakarta, Tuesday (17/9/2019).

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Behind our athletes’ astounding achievements in the sports arena, the role of their coaches cannot be ignored. Coaches play a very important role in shaping and facilitating athletes, from preparing the training programs, building their physical condition, diets, technical skills, and competition mentality, to nontechnical matters beyond competing.

When athletes do very well, especially at major events, their coaches are usually showered with bonuses and awards as well. However, most coaches at the national and regional training centers depend on a monthly salary, and club coaches rely on the modest income they receive from the club. Not a few have side businesses to support their families.

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