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EnglishPreventing the Resurgence of Covid-19 Cases

Preventing the Resurgence of Covid-19 Cases

In future, it is better not to wait until there is a tenfold increase in the daily caseload, maybe only a fivefold increase as enough of a reason to retighten the social restrictions.

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We should certainly be grateful that the implementation of the public activity restrictions (PPKM) since 3 July 2021 has triggered a reduction in new Covid-19 cases and a clear declining trend from day to day.

The record high in new daily cases to date is around 50,000, which occurred in mid-July. The figure then dropped to around 5,000 cases by the end of August. It means a tenfold decrease over a period of 1.5 months. The positivity rate has also dropped, as has the death rate, although of course we expect the number of those who died from Covid-19 also to continue on a sharp decline.

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