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EnglishVoice of the People, Voice of God

Voice of the People, Voice of God

The Indonesian people may not give up on hope and must continue to strive towards strengthening the institutions of democracy as a means of achieving their welfare.

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J Kristiadi

The nobleness of the voice of the people is highly respected as equal to divine power. The saying is that the people\'s voice is the voice of God (Vox Populi, Vox Dei).

The people\'s voice, to be rigorously upheld, is entrusted to public representatives and other state authorities. The people reward them with dignity, honor, and political authority, so power is managed for the sake of realizing collective prosperity. People place their fates and futures in them. The question is, why is the practice of democracy in Indonesia growing increasingly poor?

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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