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Coastal Cities Facing Threat of Inundation

Overall, out of the 21 cities, there will be about 118,000 hectares of inundated areas, affecting 8.6 million people. The total economic losses are estimated at Rp 1.576 quadrillion.

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Aerial photo of buildings submerged in seawater around the coastal safety embankment in Muara Baru, North Jakarta, Thursday (19/8/2021).

A total of 199 coastal regencies/cities in Indonesia are at great risk of experiencing annual tidal flooding by 2050, with around 118,000 hectares prone to seawater inundation, 8.6 million people likely to be effected and losses estimated at Rp 1.576 quadrillion.

Kompas has looked into the potential impact of rising sea level in 21 provincial capitals based on sea level rise simulation data from non-profit research institute Climate Central by combining spatial analysis, demographic and economic data, and local government policies.

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