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Turnover Down, White Flowers in Demand

The fate of ornamental plant and flower growers in Batu was shining go. However, during PPKM, only middlemen can be relied on.

Defri Werdiono
· 1 menit baca

With the background of Mount Panderman, the center of flowers and ornamental plants in Sidomulyo Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City, East Java, looks deserted, Wednesday (4/8/2021).

Flower businesses in the floral center of Batu, East Java, are withering in the grip of the pandemic. Nevertheless, this has not driven floriculturists and florists to despair. Among those playing the waiting game, many are adapting to the situation with perseverance.

Occupying a kiosk in Sekar Mulyo Market, Sidomulyo village, Batu city, East Java, Yayuk, 53, was waiting for prospective buyers on Wednesday afternoon (4/8/2021). There were not as many buyers as there would be on weekends. Moreover, since early July, Batu has practically seen no tourists because of emergency public activity restrictions (PPKM) followed by PPKM level 4.