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EnglishThe Creative Power of Surabaya Artists During the Pandemic

The Creative Power of Surabaya Artists During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, when ludruk or other traditional plays could not be performed, Meimura travels from market to market to disseminate information about the Covid-19 prevention health protocol.

Oleh Ambrosius Harto/Agnes Swetta Pandia
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The Surabaya Art and Culture Parade show which took place virtually at the Cultural Hall Building on Saturday (17/10/2020) night with the guest star of the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini.

Over the past month, Kartolo (76), a senior actor of ludruk, one of the theatrical genres in East Java, has found a new way to perform ludruk to entertain the public. As the community mobility restrictions were strictly enforced to suppress the transmission of Covid-19, he turned to YouTube to show his ludruk performance.

”Tuku tape ya nang Jagir, aku wong sugih tapi rada kentir [Buy tape (fermented food), yes, in Jagir, I\'m a rich person, but a bit crazy)," he said in the PPKM (Polah Pikir Kartolo Maneh) episode on the Cak Kartolo Channel, YouTube, which was uploaded on 22 July, this year.

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