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EnglishAccess to Vaccines Expanded

Access to Vaccines Expanded

As of Wednesday (04/08/2021), 48.4 million people have received their first jab of the COVID-19 vaccination.

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A resident of Kupang City is undergoing vaccination at the NTT Police Headquarters, Saturday (24/7/2021).

Vaccination coverage is expected to increase, as people’s access to COVID-19 vaccines will be expanded. However, this must be complemented by a guarantee of supply availability and smooth distribution of vaccines.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — People who are categorized as vulnerable but do not have a citizenship identification number (NIK), can now take part in COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccines will be given at certain locations agreed by the Population and Civil Registration Offices at the regional level, while at the same time, participants can also obtain an NIK.

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