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EnglishChinatown Ignites Makassar’s Economic Life

Chinatown Ignites Makassar’s Economic Life

As a center of trade and production, Makassar’s Chinatown has a long history.

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Traffic density on Sulawesi Road, Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Monday (18/5/2020). This road section is part of the Chinatown area as well as one of the commercial centers in Makassar.

Chinatown in Makassar is a historic commercial center that continues to hum, even in the middle of the pandemic, creating an economic spillover to surrounding areas and boosting local signature products.

It was still early in the morning on Thursday (15/7/2021) when a number of visitors came into Karya Harapan Shop, one after the other. Founded 60 years ago with the name Keng Hoat, the shop was renamed in keeping with the rule on the “Indonesianization” of Chinese names under the New Order era.

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