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It’s Time to Empathize with the People

If Java is currently in crisis and is critically hit by the pandemic, this is the right arena for the political elites to gain sympathy.

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Gerindra Party chairman Prabowo Subianto congratulates his political rival in the 2019 Presidential Election Joko Widodo, who was elected President for the 2019-2024 period after taking the MRT from Lebak Bulus Station to Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (13/7/2019). The political year ahead of the 2024 General Election seems to have come faster than the previous period.

Homo ludens places humans in the concept of creatures who like to play, while homo socius places humans who interact with each other.

One of the games that humans love, besides sports, is of course the power game. The power game can cause humans to act like wolves, homo homini lupus est, as the Roman writer Titus Macius Plautus said in his Asinaria (195 BC). Humans need each other, including in the power game. Political game.

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