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EnglishBurning Spirit for Preserving Javanese Script in Yogyakarta

Burning Spirit for Preserving Javanese Script in Yogyakarta

While the use of local languages continues to decline in the mondial era, the spirit of preserving the Javanese script still burns in Yogyakarta.

Oleh Haris Firdaus/Gregorius M Finesso
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A number of residents take a course in reading and writing Javanese script at the Kinanti Sekar Art Studio, Yogyakarta City, Friday (11/6/2021) afternoon. The course, which is held once a week, aims to preserve the use of Javanese script in the community. 

 If in the past, the legendary tale of Aji Saka attracted the attention of children and encouraged them to learn, literacy efforts today are being encouraged to be more creative.

 Three women sat in one corner of Kinanti Sekar Art Studio in Yogyakarta on Friday afternoon (11/6/2021). In their hands was a piece of paper with Javanese script written on it. After reading it line by line, they began transcribing it into the Latin alphabet.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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