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EnglishWater Thieves Obscure Evidence

Water Thieves Obscure Evidence

A gang of piped water thieves obscures the trail of their crimes by eliminating evidence of their involvement in making illegal connections. One of their methods is cash transactions with residents who need services.

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Water in jerry cans is the mainstay of residents for clean water needs in Muara Angke, Pluit, North Jakarta, on Friday (23/8/2019).

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Gangs of piped water of thieves have made every effort to eliminate every trace of evidence of the flow of funds or documents that can be linked to them. Identities are also obscured, thereby making it difficult to trace.

By doing so, their evil practice is safe from the snares of the law. Meanwhile, residents who pay for their services are faced with risks, starting to have their networks cut off even though they have paid up to tens of millions of rupiah and large fines.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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