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EnglishIndonesian Surfing Wins Olympic Ticket

Indonesian Surfing Wins Olympic Ticket

Rio and four other Indonesian surfers took part in the 2021 World Surfing Games, which was held by the International Surfing Association (ISA) in El Salvador on May 29 to June 6.

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A man and a woman look at the Olympic rings installed off the Odaiba Marine Park on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, in Tokyo.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Indonesia will send one more athlete to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, having secured a ticket for wave surfing. So far, 23 Indonesian athletes have been confirmed to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, to be held on July 23 to Aug. 8.

Surfing will be competed for the first time in the Olympic Games because Japan wants to include more modern sports. New sports, including surfing, will encourage young athletes to dream of appearing in the Olympics (Kompas, 5/8/2016).

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