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Signs of Cease-fire in Palestine-Israel

Hamas and Jihad Islam groups said at least 20 of their fighters had been killed. The Israeli death toll reached 12 people, including a child and a soldier, and at least 300 people were injured.

Mustafa Abd Rahman from Cairo, Egypt
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Cracks show on a mural covering the wall of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) headquarters in Gaza City\'s Rimal neighbourhood, on May 18, 2021, following Israeli air raids on the Palestinian enclave. - The UN Security Council was to hold an emergency meeting amid a diplomatic push to end the devastating conflict between Israel and Gaza\'s armed groups that has killed more than 220 people, most of them Palestinians.

After 10 days of armed conflict, signs of a cease-fire between Hamas and Israeli groups are becoming more apparent. Diplomatic efforts have intensified to stop the war.

CAIRO, KOMPAS β€” The de-escalation effort in the Gaza Strip to reach cease-fire has begun to lead in a positive direction. Israeli television station Chanel 12, on Wednesday (19/5/2021), revealed that the Israeli mini cabinet for security affairs will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday night or Thursday to discuss the possibility of a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.