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EnglishDiving into Homecoming Sensations

Diving into Homecoming Sensations

From a spiritual perspective, mudik is a metaphor that carries a message about humans’ origin, end of life and a homecoming journey to the Creator. In world of puppetry, it is called sangkan paraning dumadi.

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J Kristiadi

Idul Fitri is a day of victory, or perhaps is more accurately called the day of true victory. Having observed the great ritual of fasting for a month during Ramadan, the believers conquered the inner enemies of humans -- anger, aluamah  (lust around the stomach: eating, drinking, sex), supiyah (arrogance, greed), and so forth. They are back to their innate nature, having been purified thanks to Allah’s abundant blessings bestowed upon them for their month-long exercise of worldly deprivation. The virtue of fasting burned off and threw sins into the trash bin.

The battlefield is body (wadag), mind and soul. It is not an easy ordeal to achieve victory because the fight is against lust for bodily pleasure. It calls for forceful struggle of mind and soul so that the spirit can shape up a shield against the inclination toward bodily indulgence.

Editor: Syahnan Rangkuti
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