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EnglishBehind Dangerous Film Scenes

Behind Dangerous Film Scenes

At least twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, over a dozen young men and women gather in this place for training in punching, kicking, arrow shooting and fighting feats.

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Muhammad Yazid and Rahmadia

The position of stuntmen in place of actors in the film industry is very important. It’s these people who perform dangerous actions like jumping from buildings and running through blazes. For the purpose of preparing professional stuntmen, Muhammad Yazid and Rahmadia have pioneered a community, Piranha Stunt Indonesia.

Piranha Stunt Indonesia, set up in 2005, is engaged in its activity on Jalan Madrasah 22, Cilodong district, Depok, West Java. This community has converted a plot of 300 square meters into a training ground complete with various kinds of equipment for dangerous stunts, such as safety devices for flying and jumping scenes, mattresses and trampolines.

Editor: Nasrullah Nara
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