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English”Art Deco”, Memories Savings in Bandung

”Art Deco”, Memories Savings in Bandung

The large number of art deco buildings in Bandung was also influenced by the plan to move the capital of the Dutch East Indies from Batavia in 1920. This triggered massive infrastructure development in Bandung.

Oleh Machradin Wahyudi Ritonga/ Tatang Mulyana Sinaga
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The condition of the De Eerste Nederlandsch-Indische Spaarkas (DENIS) Building which is currently used as the Main Branch Office of Bank Jabar Banten (BJB) in Bandung City, West Java, Friday (18/9/2021). The building is one of the Art Deco-style buildings in Bandung.

As a city rich in buildings of the “art deco” style, Bandung still keeps a myriad of memories. The memories have been recorded across the ages in hundreds of buildings.

Squeezed among tall buildings on Jalan Ir H Djuanda, Didago Cafe brought Bella, 25, a visitor, down the hall of time, Wednesday (24/3/2021). The coffee shop in an old building invited Bella to stop by for a taste of the old Bandung atmosphere.

Editor: Nasrullah Nara
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