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EnglishPost-Coronavirus Awakening

Post-Coronavirus Awakening

Where did the national awakening effort have to start? From the spirit of the age who realized that a change of people would not occur until the people changed the mental realm that radiated the dawn of reasoning.

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Group photo of the Old Group and the Young Group the Executive Board of the Boedi Oetomo Congress and Stovia Students, the founder of Boedi Oetomo.

Awakening often starts from crisis and adversity. The awakening of the Renaissance in Europe skyrocketed from the runway of the dark ages. Indonesia\'s national awakening in the early 20th century departed from the socioeconomic crisis as the impact of the liberal economic regime at the end of the 19th century.

A catastrophe is like a pregnant woman bearing a child of progress. The birth of Budi Utomo (BU), 20 May 1908, was determined as National Awakening Day by President Sukarno in 1948, in an effort to promote national unity, when a young republic that had to face Dutch aggression was actually beleaguered by political divisions. The reason for choosing BU was probably because it was a moderate modern movement organization, in an effort to transform itself into an unsustainable political party so that it did not become part of the parties involved in disputes during the revolution era.

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