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Getting Through COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has not yet ended, while it seems to be escalating, also in Indonesia. We are in a "global state of emergency" against this.

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Medical staff treat a COVID-19 coronavirus patient at a hospital in Wuhan, in China\'s central Hubei province on (19/3/2020). - China on March 19 reported no new domestic cases of the coronavirus for the first time since it started recording them in January, but recorded a spike in infections from abroad.

Countries and cities are forced to do lockdown, prohibiting citizens from going out or outside guests from entering. Meanwhile in Wuhan, where the virus first spread in early 2020, has begun to control the spread with discipline and expertise, while Italy is overwhelmed by the increasing number of casualties that have to be buried.

More than 190 countries have been infected. And it seems that their stance -- being disciplined or loose, serious, or taking it easy -- is crucial to determine the success of this pandemic control. For the first time, a pandemic is highlighted by global media, thereby making the world a digital village full of fear in facing this disease. The rapid transmission and spread of these tiny creatures has caused horror. COVID-19 seems to be a global dictatorship that terrorizes countries. However, actually the COVID-19 pandemic is not just a medical phenomenon; these tiny creatures have also become a media darling that seizes the attention of the entire world.

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