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Omnibus Law?

Reading and observing the development of the current problem of declining investment, which has led to the formation of an omnibus bill, it seems as if we are returning the problems of 25 years ago.

Maria Farida Indrati
· 11 minutes read

At that time president Soeharto issued Government Regulation (PP) No. 20/1994 concerning Share Ownership in Companies Established in the Framework of Foreign Investment, which was established and enacted on May 19, 1994. As a government regulation it was appropriate if its formation had been carried out to implement a law that delegated authority, according to the provisions Article 5 Paragraph (2) of the 1945 Constitution, which states: "The President shall issue government regulations to implement the law as appropriately as possible."

However, PP No. 20/1994 not only violated a tradition, namely that a PP is only an implementing regulation of the law that orders it, because PP No. 20/1994 was issued to implement several laws at once, namely the Atomic Energy Law, the Press Law, the Foreign Investment Law, the Domestic Investment Law, the Electricity Law, the Telecommunications Law, the Railway Law, the Aviation Law and the Shipping Law.

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