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Siltation of Women\'s Political Movement

The image of a militant woman, loyal without conditions, steadfast and brave has finally attracted the interest of political parties to use women of The Power of \'Emak-emak\' as "assets" to win the upcoming general election, as well as to shoot bullets at political opponents.

Dian Kartikasari
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Memes about housewives\' strange and funny behavior, entitled "These Housewives Are Kocak (Funny)", "The Housewives’ Way" and "Housewives of the Present Era" have always gone viral and been the source of jokes among netizens. Then, there appeared the title "The Power of Emak-emak [Housewives]" as a nickname for housewives who act uniquely, display funny behavior and even break rules.

There are also pictures of the housewives riding a motorbike with three people, traveling through the highway, riding a motorbike during flooding and many more. In short, The Power of Emak-emak describes the stories of housewives who act arbitrarily on the streets with their motorbikes. The memes and videos of The Power of Emak-emak also went viral, resulting in the production of a 2017 TV soap opera called The Power of Emak-emak.